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City Hall

Whether you love it or hate it –Philadelphia’s remarkable City Hall is unique, impressive and a world leader in several categories.

James Thomas and his family

Amy Grant writes about James Thomas, an early settler in Philadelphia who owned several acres of land in Southwark.

Christ Church

With a soaring 196-foot steeple that towers over newer structures nearby, Christ Church is both a spectacular historic building … and living history at its best.

Philly History Museum

The Philadelphia History Museum at the Atwater Kent

The Philadelphia History Museum, which reopened in September 2012, has over 100,000 items in its vast collection.

Welcome Park

Considering all that William Penn did for Philadelphia and our nation – while living here less than four years – he is seriously unappreciated by the very city he founded.

Paul LaBrousse, an Early Winemaker in Southwark

In Southwark, Paul LaBrousse set up a vineyard on the former Bankson family plantation, located “between Second and Third Streets, near Mr. Crousillat’s [Crosby’s] tavern.”

Old Pine Street Churchyard

Old Pine has the highest density of any graveyard in the city of Philadelphia, with 3,000 or more people buried in less than an acre.

Andrew Bankson (1640-1705)

Amy Grant writes about Andrew Bankson (1640-1705), an early Swedish settler and landowner in Southwark.