Stephen Carmick (1718-1774)

Stephen Carmick

This is a brief biographical sketch about Stephen Carmick (sometimes also spelled Carmack).  Near the end of his life, Stephen Carmick owned a large plantation in Southwark, a small portion of which later became Morris Street.

Stephen Carmick was born around 1718 and died a few years before the start of the American Revolution.  He married Anna Christina Kock at Trinity Church in New York in 1755.  Although family records differ on the number of children they had, his obituary stated that at the time of his death there were “ten small children” who survived him.

Andrew Bankson (1640-1705)

Below is a brief sketch of the life of Anders Bengtsson (called “Andrew Bankson” in the English language). Andrew Bankson (1640-1705) was one of the earliest Swedish settlers in Southwark and owned a large plot of land located between Wicaco and Moyamensing where his family operated a plantation.  Today, that land makes up the southern portion of the bustling neighborhood we call Pennsport.