Washington Avenue Immigration Station

Since the 1870’s, the station was an entry point and processing center for immigrants, primarily from Southern and Eastern Europe. From here, newcomers moved into the city or other parts of the state.

Charles Toelpe (1835-1882)

Charles Toelpe was born in 1835 in Prussia and died 47 years later during an explosion in a sugar factory. Sadly, he had little time to enjoy the grand home that he had built for his family on Morris Street.

Isaiah Zagar

After moving to Philadelphia from the suburbs in 2008, Jim Murphy was fascinated by the colorful, shimmering mosaics he found on Gaskill, Leithgow, and South Streets.

Paul LaBrousse, an Early Winemaker in Southwark

In Southwark, Paul LaBrousse set up a vineyard on the former Bankson family plantation, located “between Second and Third Streets, near Mr. Crousillat’s [Crosby’s] tavern.”

The Irish Memorial

This is a powerful and poignant tribute to the millions of Irish immigrants who fled in “coffin ships” to the U.S. between 1845 and 1850.

Stephen Carmick

Stephen Carmick (1718-1774)

Near the end of his life, Stephen Carmick owned a large plantation in Southwark, a small portion of which later became Morris Street.

Old Pine Street Churchyard

Old Pine has the highest density of any graveyard in the city of Philadelphia, with 3,000 or more people buried in less than an acre.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

At the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, you’ll find an astonishing collection of unique documents, watercolors, genealogical records, letters, diaries and more.

Who is John Barry?

Commodore John Barry played an extraordinary role in our country’s history. Without his heroism and leadership, we might well be swearing allegiance today to the Queen of England.

Historic Fort Mifflin

This historic fort has something for everyone: Living history, military reenactments and even a strong reputation for paranormal activity.

The Bankson Scandal of 1767

Amy Grant writes a public scandal involving Andrew Bankson and the Swedish Church in Philadelphia in 1767.

Andrew Bankson (1640-1705)

Amy Grant writes about Andrew Bankson (1640-1705), an early Swedish settler and landowner in Southwark.