In the September 2016 issue, the Queen Village Neighbors Association Magazine began a series of stories on the 11 Pennsylvania Historical Markers currently placed within the boundaries of Queen Village.

Our goal was to:

  • Focus on the subjects of these markers
  • Shed light on what made them noteworthy
  • Make the people and places worthy of these honors come alive to our residents

We hope we have accomplished this for you.

You can see completed stories about these people and places in issues of Queen Village Neighbors Association Magazine at

You can also use this map created specially by the Southwark Historical Society to walk through our neighborhood and check out each and every one of these sites for yourself.

Enjoy Your Historical Marker Tour!

Note: plaques for Francis Daniel Pastorius and Charles Willson Peale are missing.

Moving Forward: Maybe, one day in the future, we will have markers for South Fourth Street and Fabric Row, too. That is going to require some fundraising to be able to afford the markers, which cost about $975 for city versions. Highway markers run $1625.

Gone Missing: The bronze historical marker of Francis Daniel Pastorius

Jim Murphy goes looking for a historical bronze plaque at the home of famed Quaker leader Francis Daniel Pastorius.

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Color Him Extraordinary: Philly’s Famous James Forten

Jim Murphy digs into the life of famous black businessman James Forten …and discovers that wasn’t his original name.

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