Genealogy Series with Shamele Jordon

Camden County Historical Society 1900 Park Boulevard, Camden

Professional Genealogist Shamele Jordon, TV producer of "Genealogy Quick Start," will inspire you with tools to find and tell your story.Professional Genealogist Shamele Jordon, award winning TV producer of "Genealogy ...

Fakes, Forgeries, and Frauds with Nancy Moses

Athenaeum of Philadelphia 219 South 6th Street, Philadelphia

Nancy Moses, Fakes, Forgeries, and FraudsWhat’s real? What’s fake? Why do we care?In this time of false news and fake science, these questions are more important than ever. Fakes, Forgeries, ...

Does a Place Die?

Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Church 916 S Swanson Street, Philadelphia

What happens when places you cherish no longer exist? This question will be answered by a panel of experts who preserve and document historic sites.


Jen Manion, “What is the Purpose of Punishment?”

Athenaeum of Philadelphia 219 South 6th Street, Philadelphia

"What is the Purpose of Punishment?"What is the purpose of punishment? This question is as urgent now as it was over two hundred years ago when Pennsylvania elites debated the ...

Jefferson’s Daughters with Catherine Kerrison

Athenaeum of Philadelphia 219 South 6th Street, Philadelphia

Catherine Kerrison, Jefferson’s DaughtersThomas Jefferson is among the most famous of America's Founding Fathers, but it is easy to forget that he was an actual father to three daughters: Martha ...

Presbyterian Women as Patriots

Old Pine Street Presbyterian Church 412 Pine Street, Philadelphia

During Women’s History Month, Daniel Campbell, Ph.D., looks at the important role Presbyterian women played in our history.


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