Ignatius Beck

Ignatius “Nace” Beck was a common man forced by prejudiced state of affairs to uncommon levels of accomplishment and action. He was a person of courage, integrity and sound judgment, who was proclaimed “respectable in his appearance and demeanor, and unimpeached by a whisper against his veracity or general character.”  He was an individual noted for his piety and temperance.  Acknowledged respectfully in his later years by the African American community as “Uncle Beck,” he was a dedicated family man and an early member of Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Beck was a trusted associate of its founder, Reverend Richard Allen, who appointed him a “Class Leader.”  In addition, Beck was the first chairman (1830) of the Free Produce Society of Philadelphia. The Society advocated for the purchase of food and textiles only raised by the labor of freemen and to boycott those items that were raised by the labors of enslaved men and women.