Triple Philly Treat

Enjoy 3 magnificent buildings in 3 different styles … all within 300 steps of each other

Most of us know our city is chock-full of historic Colonial buildings, such as Independence Hall, Carpenter’s Hall and Christ Church.

But few realize Philadelphia is home to three architectural masterpieces – as eclectic and extraordinary as you’ll find anywhere in the world – all bunched together on N. Broad Street.

What’s more, these three marvels are all designated as U.S. National Historic Landmarks.

The Magnificent Masonic Temple

Inside are seven spectacular halls representing different cultures and styles – each one more dazzling than the last. The building is an architectural tour de force.

Some years ago, a Philadelphia tour guide – who saw me near the Reading Terminal Market – asked if I had ever been inside the Masonic Temple.

When I replied “No,” he said, “You don’t have to go to Europe. You can see everything you want right there.” He wasn’t far wrong.

This stunning building just north of City Hall on Broad Street is like a fantasyland. Impressive on the outside, it is absolutely mind-blowing inside.

City Hall

Whether you love it or hate it –Philadelphia’s remarkable City Hall is unique, impressive and a world leader in several categories.

Built over a 30-year period at a cost of $24.5 million, the French Second Empire structure is the largest all-masonry load-bearing building in the world.

Without the benefit of a steel frame, this mammoth structure of some 700 rooms is larger than the U.S. Capitol building, has a floor space of 630,000 sq. ft. and may be the largest municipal building anywhere!