The Library Company of Philadelphia

If you’re looking for books, prints, periodicals, photos or ephemera from Colonial America through the 19th century, this is the place to go!

Like so many things in our city, the Library Company of Philadelphia (LCP) was a Ben Franklin creation.

He started the Junto, a self-improvement club that debated morals, politics and natural philosophy. When members realized they needed printed matter to prove their points, Franklin and the Junto began the Library Company of Philadelphia, the first subscription library in the U.S.

The African American Museum of Philadelphia

Where you’ll meet a “Who’s Who” of remarkable Americans many of us know little about

Growing up in Delaware County, I heard family horror stories about the discrimination Irish Catholics faced when they landed here. And about ads that said: “No Irish need apply.”

But not until I visited the African American Museum in Philadelphia did I really understand the extraordinary discrimination blacks faced in our city. It was pervasive and relentless.